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    A key reason I would always use OneNote 2016 is the ability to be logged in to multiple accounts at once.



    Change Language. Privacy & Cookies Legal Trademarks © 2021 Microsoft.com Legal Trademarks © 2021 Microsoft.com. If you use Microsoft OneNote on an iPad or iPhone that is shared among multiple users, you can quickly reset OneNote before logging in with your own account. Note: This documentation applies to Microsoft OneNote for iPad or iPhone. It is recommended that you keep your device updated with the newest version of Apple iOS.

    Two Onenote Accounts

    I discovered you could not use multiple accounts in the OneNote Windows 10 App in late 2016 when preparing for a presentation and had setup a new Microsoft account (oh365eh@outlook.com) to show the entire process of getting setup from beginning to end. It shocked me, however those days are behind us now.

    AccountsWhat is microsoft onenote

    To use more than one personal account at once, you need to use a third-party app. You can also use multiple different cloud services alongside each other easily. Luckily, OneDrive comes with a. Use multiple Microsoft accounts with OneNote for Windows 10 If you use more than one Microsoft account such as Hotmail, Live.com, or Outlook.com, you can use any of these accounts with OneNote for Windows 10. Add a new account When you first start OneNote for Windows 10, you're prompted to sign in with your preferred Microsoft account.

    I tried out another new feature that appeared for me in the OneNote Windows 10 App today (OneNote Version 17.7766.57671.0) – the ability to add multiple Microsoft accounts. See:

    Up until now I used the OneNote Window 10 App for personal notebooks stored in my personal OneDrive. When I wanted to switch between my personal notebooks and my demo notebooks, I’d have to remove the account and login again – which was a pain and could glitch out at times. (I’d always be restarting the App to get the switch between accounts to work).

    I used OneNote 2016 primarily for work – team notebooks in SharePoint libraries, and private work notebooks in OneDrive for Business. I only had two personal notebooks stored in my personal OneDrive open in OneNote 2016 that I used for specific types of actions that can only be performed in the 2016 version of OneNote.

    Now, I’m excited to have a mix of personal, demo, and work notebooks open in the App to utilize some of the App-specific functionality in them. 🙂

    Want to take a look – check it out:

    Use Multiple Microsoft Accounts With Onenote Software

    Notice in the Open More Notebooks menu there is now an Add Account button at the centre bottom of the menu:

    You can also add accounts and see which accounts you’ve already added in the App’s settings:

    Go to Settings > Accounts.

    Click on Accounts > Add account.

    You can then choose to add a Microsoft or Work or school (Office 365) account.

    Removing accounts is simple, once you find the button which is tucked away and isn’t an obvious button.

    In the Settings > Accounts menu > select the account you want to remove.

    Click on Sign out.

    Click Remove on the Remove this account? pop-up then restart the App.

    All the Notebooks tied to that account no longer appear in the Open More Notebooks menu.

    Also, Notebooks tied to that account that were open are auto-closed when the account is removed.

    To me, this is a HUGE bonus as having to right-click and close a batch of Notebooks was time consuming before (you’re likely not going to be doing this often, but for doing demos and training videos, having a clutter-free interface devoid of personal information is important).

    However I’d suggest making sure you do a sync before yanking an account with notebooks you’ve made very recent edits in – just to be safe.

    Craig Gerdes

    What Is Microsoft OneNote?

    Essentially, it is a digital notebook available anytime, anywhere. OneNote is available as a traditional desktop app, a web app, and a mobile app. In addition, a simplified OneNote version comes pre-installed with Windows 10. The features available to the user depend on the version and environment used.

    Why Would I Want To Use microsoft OneNote?

    There are many reasons. It is a very powerful program with lots of versatility.

    • You can create sections and pages just like a traditional notebook, then save and organize your typed or handwritten notes, and other stuff such as photos, files, links to websites, screen clippings, videos, etc.
      • You can create further navigational structure by creating section groups or subpages and your own templates.
      • You can search for items by text, tags, or author.
    • OneNote integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook and other Office products.
      • You can email a message to OneNote or email notes captured in OneNote to others. Items assigned in OneNote appear as Tasks in Outlook.
      • You can easily send Word and PowerPoint files to OneNote.
      • You can take notes based on a Word document or PowerPoint presentation and link the notes to the original source file for reference.
    • You can share your notebooks with specific people through a direct email or to the world through a sharing link.
    • You can set permissions to view only or with editing privileges. You can password protect sections.
    • You can view recent edits and revert to a previous version if necessary.
    • You can do other cool things too.
      • For example, you can ask Cortana or Siri to take notes for you.
      • Another thing you can do is covert handwritten notes to text.
      • Finally, you can take notes on a webpage and then save a screen clip with annotations to OneNote.

    How is OneNote Used?

    There are several ways to use OneNote at school, work, or home. For a great list of examples and ideas, check out:

    10 Unique Ways to Use Microsoft OneNote

    111 Ways to Use Microsoft OneNote

    The screenshot below is an example of a class notebook that shares file attachments with students for download. In addition, the Quick Links section lists websites and articles relevant to class topics. The instructor uses his iPhone to send links to OneNote from LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Can I use Microsoft OneNote offline?

    Use Multiple Microsoft Accounts With Onenote For Android

    You can! You’ll need to sync your notebook with OneDrive before going offline, then OneNote automatically syncs your changes as you work. If at any time you lose your Internet connection or turn it off, any pending changes will sync as soon as you’re back online.

    Use Multiple Microsoft Accounts With Onenote

    How Do I Get Started with OneNote?

    To start using OneNote, create a free Microsoft account or purchase a Microsoft Office 365 license. Go to https://products.office.com/en-US/onenote to sign-in or sign-up.

    For help, check out: https://support.office.com/en-us/onenote

    For more information, read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_OneNote

    If you’d like to dive deeper into the functions, commands, and capabilities of Microsoft Excel, and other applications within the Microsoft Office Suite, sign up for a one-day training class at Centriq.

    View Centriq’s Microsoft Office Training Classes

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